Benefits of Eating Chicken


Chicken is a lean meat with the high nutritional value and if you keep the chicken intake regularly it helps you stay healthy. The health benefits of chicken include its ability to provide a good supply of protein,fats, essential vitamins, and minerals. It also helps in weight loss, regulating cholesterol and blood pressure.The healthy chicken will be dependent on the farm from where it comes. If the chicken farm is unhygienic then the chicken will not be healthy.

According to the USDA, chicken (100 g) has energy (245 kcal), protein (13 g), fat (20 g), saturated fat (7 g), cholesterol (89 mg), iron (0.3 mg), potassium (170 mg), and sodium (179 mg). In terms of vitamins, chicken is a good source of vitamin B12, niacin, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid and also contains some vitamin E, K, and others.

Benefits of chicken

Here are some Benefits of Chicken.

1. Protein Supply 

Chicken contains very high protein content which helps you in sustaining your muscles. If you want to build strength then eating chicken is a must . The great source of lean, low-fat protein which contributes to muscle growth and development. That protein also helps support healthy body weight and aids weight loss

Benefits of Chicken

2. Weight loss

Healthy food always consists of chicken on that plate, the reason being chicken is always included in a healthy diet just because it comes under lean meat which means it doesn’t have much fat so eating chicken regularly will help you to lose weight in a healthy way.

3. Healthy bones 

With the help of the calcium and phosphorous chicken help us to keep the bones healthy, eating chicken regularly helps in cutting the risk of arthritis.

Benefits of chicken

4. Stress reliever

Stress can be reduced with the help of the tryptophan and vitamin B5 and the good news is that chicken has a good dose of both of these. Due to magnesium content in chicken, it relieves PMS symptoms so accordingly eating chicken will help you lead a life without stress.

5. Boost Immunity

When you suffer from cold or flu most of the doctors prefer chicken soup as a part of your recovery meal just because chicken soup helps in bolster immune cells in the body, while the steam from the soup clears the nasal passages. Eating boiled chicken that added in the soup is the best way to recover from most infections and colds.

These are the 5 Health Benefits of Eating Chicken. For more blogs check our website DietBuddy

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