5 common reasons why you are not losing weight


When you start losing weight, your body fights back. 
In the starting when you will be able to lose weight fast, without many efforts but after some time there will be slow down and stop altogether after a while . 

This 3 min read will consist of 5 common reasons why you are not losing weight.

1. Sometimes you don’t realize you are losing weight

After a 1- 2 Weeks weight loss diet you will feel like you are losing any weight, but that does not mean you are not losing fat. Bodyweight tends to fluctuate by a few pounds, it totally depends on the food which you are eating and hormones can also have a major effect on how much water your body retains. Unless your weight has been stuck at the same point for more than 1-2 weeks then you should not worry about that thing you should keep going with a weight loss plan.

2. Not keeping track, what you eat.

Not keeping track is common reason  why you are not losing weight

Keeping track of what you are eating is very important while you are doing dieting. Studies show that keeping track of your diet helps with weight loss, usually people who track their records and measure their meals before having it lose weight more than people who don’t. So you should always keep a track of what you eat

3. Not taking enough protein

Not taking enough protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for losing weight. Eating protein helps to boost metabolism. If you are having a breakfast make sure it should be full of protein, according to study those who eat high protein breakfast are less hungry and have fewer cravings as compared to those who don’t have. So it’s better to start taking a high protein diet for weight loss.

4. Too many calories intake

Too much calories intake

Lots of face problems while weight loss just because their calorie intake is more. If you are not losing weight then you should start tracking your calories and that will help you a lot, tracking is important if you want to reach a certain nutrient goal. Losing weight will be impossible if you are not tracking calories, whenever you are eating anything you should be calculating calories count of it.

5. Not doing workout

For the fast and good results in weight loss the workout is equally important for us. Workout can help you to maintain muscle mass, which is often burned along with the body fat if you are not exercising. Lifting weight will help you to ensure that the body stays toned and muscular. You should follow your workout routine every day.

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