Is Eating Before bed is good or bad ?


Eating before bed or late around evening time gets negative criticism, yet skipping suppers isn’t the appropriate response either. Here, the lowdown on picking the best nourishment to eat before bed.

You worked (or worked out) excessively late and have nothing in the cooler, and your wailing stomach is asking for something, anything to refuel you in the wake of a monotonous day. We’ve all done it. And keeping in mind that there have been different investigations on eating around evening time and its impacts on your digestion, nutritionists say that it’s all the more regarding the supplements you put into your body, such as stacking up on fiber to fill you, than the specific time you chow down.


Is  Eating Before bed is good or bad?

Disadvantages of Eating before bed :

1:-Weight Gain Risk

Yes ! weight gain is the biggest risk if we eat late at night. Many health experts say that eating anything late at night is not good for a good night sleep , just because the good meal which we will be having at late night will need lots of energy to burn calories and that thing will not be possible through sleep , so that will lead to weight gain risk

2:- Digestive Pain

Doctors and Dietitian’s always recommend that you should take a good meal at least 3 hours before going to bed , This is because the stomach will take at least 3 hours to empty itself . If you are taking a good big meal and with certain beverages then the process of the stomach may get lengthier so due to this it will lead to the upset stomach and that will create a problem for you .

3:- Heartburn Discomfort

Acid reflux causes the heartburn discomfort to you . The gravity helps you a lot to sit and stand while digesting food . But if you had a meal and immediately lie down and acid in your stomach can leak into your esophagus , causing reflux that makes you feel the burn and keeps you awake way past your bed time .

Advantages of Eating before bed

1:- Eating a tidbit before bed can advance weight reduction

Yes you read that correctly! There is problem with the theory , weight loss cannot be simplified to an question of calories in and calories burned . You see general health and the weight loss is only possible when you nourish your body with the nutrients it needs to work best , and this also keeps the Blood sugar level stable . You should eat right amount of right food , your blood sugar stabilize and the hormone for fat burning can do its job quickly . When you don’t have the snack before bed time then Blood sugar crashes shortly after you fall asleep , as you don’t sleep well then the weight may get increased . So yes skipping the bed time meal actually causes weight gain.

2:- While sleeping your body works and needs energy

Sometime we find the root cause of the weight gain , sleep issues and low energy level , once the metabolism will be increased then you will be on the way of slimmer waist line and better energy level . Eating ( Fat and carbs ) before bed time will support your metabolism which means the body will continue fat burning while you sleep . A bed time snacks matter .

3:- A good meal before bed = Better sleeping = healthier life

Sleep affects in many ways such like energy level , appetite , metabolism , cravings and your weight . You should get the better sleep for the healthy lifestyle. The better you sleep at night , the better you will feel all day . Eat healthy fat and Carbohydrate before bed so that you body can get proper rest it needs to keep you going all day long .

So what to eat and what to avoid before bed?

what to eat and what avoid before bed.

6 Clever Ways to Stop Eating Late at Night

1:- Recognize the Cause

Some people eat most of their food late in the evening or during the night.
To just change this habit you need to know that what is the cause of the problem . At night when you eat anything that result to the overly restricted daytime food intake , leading to the hunger at night . Night eating may be caused by Habit or Boredom . Night time eating we can also link this with the eating disorders , including the night eating syndrome . So you have to keep a check on the scheduled of your that you have to take your meals at the proper time and avoid eating late night .

2:- Recognize Your Triggers

As well as identifying the overall cause of the over eating , you may also find it useful to look for a specific pattern of the events that usually sets off your eating behaviour . You have to keep a check on yourself that at night what time you find yourself eating . Often you will find you are having something to meet a need that isn’t hunger . With some problem with the Diet your routine of having something will be getting delayed and you wont be getting any proper nutrition . You should be maintaining the “Food and Mood “ diary in which you will be keeping a record for the whole day . Following your eating and exercise propensities nearby your emotions will enable you to recognize designs, empowering you to chip away at breaking any negative cycles of conduct.

3:- Utilize a Routine

If you are overeating just because you are not eating enough during the day , then make sure get your self into a routine that can help you out. Structured eating and good sleep will help you spread your food intake over the day so that you’re less hungry at night. Good sleep will help you to manage the food intake and weight. Set your proper time for eating so that you don’t overeat at a particular time , you will get good time for the food to get digested .

4:- Plan your Meals accordingly

Its a part of your routine that your meal should be planned enough . Keep a note that at what time what are you eating . Eat healthy snacks most of the time don’t make poor food choices . Meal plan you should have which will lead to keeping hunger at bay

5:- Eat Regularly Throughout the Day

Eating at the planned intervals throughout the day will help you with stress free day and blood sugar stable . Most of the time what happen when you feel hungry you make poor food choices and reach for high fat , high sugar junk foods . Those who have regular diet plans will have a proper weight and appetite control .

6:- Protein Should be in Every Meal

Don’t eat high fat , high sugar at night , just try to eat something healthy. Sometimes when you feel hungry at night you then most of the time you snack on junk which is not good for health . So just replace all the unhealthy products with the healthy one and then feel the difference . Midnight snacking should be full of protein and healthy.

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