Health Benefits of Green tea


Nowadays if you think of the healthiest beverage then one thing which will come in your mind is Green Team. This is one of the most consuming things nowadays because most of the people think that it helps in weight loss due to which they have it 2-3 times a day.
Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have a very good effect on your body. The benefits which you can get after consuming it are Fat loss, Lower risk of cancer and many other impressive benefits.

Health benefits of green tea

5 Health benefits of Green Tea

1:- It contains Bioactive compounds that improve health

Including tea leaves and other plants, compounds make a green tea that contains a large number of important nutrients. This tea helps your body to fight against cancer. Green tea consists on small amount of minerals which are important for health , always try to get the good brand of green tea because if you are getting a cheaper green tea that can contain excessive amount of the fluoride, its been said if you choose the lower quality then you won’t be getting proper benefits out of it .

2:- Compound helps to improve brain function

Green Tea helps to improve brain function

If the brain function will be improved then it will make you smarter, it also helps in keeping you awake. Green tea will help you to maintain a positive mood, sometimes what happens you suffer from mood swings and negative moods which could be lowering your concentration and mental alertness for the green tea will help you to keep your mood positive. It helps in fueling up the brain and boost working memory which helps you to improve the down syndrome.

3:- Green tea helps in Weight loss

Green tea helps in Weight loss

Yes, it’s proven that green tea helps in weight loss, a process that allows the body to convert food and drink into usable energy are collectively known as metabolism. Green tea is helpful in weight loss by helping the body’s metabolism to be more efficient. Green tea contains caffeine which is an antioxidant and according to research. These compounds help to speed up metabolism which can help you in weight loss.

4:- Green tea helps in lowering the risk of Cancer

Green tea helps in lowering the risk of Cancer

Many cancers such as Breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer according to the study that green tea drinker is less likely to develop these types of cancer. Cancer can be caused by uncontrolled growth of cells, it is known to be one of the leading causes of death. Green tea is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants so it helps to reduce the risk of cancer.

5:- Green tea is good for Dental health and lower risk of infection

Green tea is good for Dental health

Green tea helps in killing the bacteria and the Inhibit viruses which helps in lowering the risk of infections.
Harmful bacteria such as Streptococcus mutants which are in mouth cause plaque. The formation which can lead to cavities and tooth decay. In green tea, some Catechins inhibit the growth of Streptococcus mutants which will be helping in preventing tooth decay. Green tea reduces bad breath.

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