Healthy Eating Tips This Festive Season


Healthy Eating Tips For The Festive Season

October is the month of “Festivals” in India and the calendars are filled with festivals, decadent office gifts and dinner plans with family and friends. It is a joyful time to eat, drink and celebrate.
We all tend to overeat during the festive season and stops our strict diets, the minute we go into festive mode. But it is possible to strike a balance between allowing yourself the odd treat when you’re celebrating with family and friends.

Here are some easy tips to avoid those extra pounds during the festival season:

Smaller portion size

small Portion size meal

Portion control is an easy way to lose or maintain your weight. The small portion size of sweets, fried snacks, and other fatty foods will help in keeping weight under control.

Use low-fat ingredients

Low fat milk

While preparing sweets, try to use low fat (skimmed) milk. Rather than refined sugar, either switch to artificial sweetener or if possible, substitute with natural sugar like honey or dates.
Nowadays ‘diet’ sweets and ice creams are easily available in the market. Go for them and feel less guilty.

Dry fruits over sweets

dry Fruits for health

If there is a choice between dry fruits and sweets, choose dry fruits. Even if dry fruits are equally high in calories at least they are not “empty calories”.
Dried fruits can also promote quick weight loss while staying healthy at the same time.

Drink water before meal

Drink water before meal

To bring in the feeling of fullness, drink water before Meal. This will definitely bring down your hunger and will make you eat less. Drink a few sips of hot water after having sweets for better digestion.

Say No carbonated drinks

say no to carbonated drinks-Healthy Eating Tips

Try to stay away from carbonated drinks as they add unnecessary empty calories, which will be very difficult to burn later on. The diet version of this is fine. Try to drink fresh juice or if you are not getting anything that is fresh then have water or plain soda which is a better alternative.

Exercise regularly

Exercise Regularly to stay fit

Exercise can help to keep your body at a healthy weight. Continue with a regular exercise routine, motivate yourself to run an extra mile, if you are lusting on sweets.

Gifted sweets

Gifted sweets- Healthy Eating Tips for festival Season

Don’t be voracious and keep all the sweets and chocolates that you get only for your indulgence. Be generous. Share them with young ones in the family, relatives, neighbors, and people in the area or those who don’t get food.

Light dinners

Healthy Eating Tips for festive season

Try to keep lunch parties instead of dinners. Have early and light dinners.

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