How to release anger


Release your anger with a 3 Min read
Usually, what happens in the heat of the moment, it’s easy to overlook your breathing. But that kind of the shallow breathing you do when you’re angry keeps you in Fight-or-Flight mode.

Breathing helps you a-lot to keep control on your anger, just because suppose there is a situation in which you are thinking a lot and it’s a stress full situation, then what you have to do is that just take the deep breath and try to divert your mind or you can start doing the activity in which you feel good about, try to control the breaths you inhale from your belly rather than your chest. This allows your body to instantly calm itself.

5 Tips how to release anger

1: Seek help

Seek help

It will be totally normal and healthy if you feel upset and angry from time to time. But if you cant keep control of your anger and on the bad mood then it might be time to ask for help. Sometimes what happens our anger impacts our relationships and well being, so it will be highly recommended for you to consult a therapist or just try not to do the activity which causes that kind of situation. Try to change your eating habits and your daily routine activity which will help you to feel better.

2:- Focus on what you like

To Release anger focus on what you like

So daily activity is to be changed, and you should start focusing on what you like the most and the people you like to spend the time with, that will be helpful for you. if you can’t find the silver lining in the day, you can also try thinking how things might’ve gone even worse.

3:- Perceive triggers and discover choices

If you daily routine just try to note that part of time when the frustration level is higher and just think about the situation when you feel like this, get a noise cancellation headphone and just listen to the calm music or the meditation music which will help you to keep diverted and you will feel better, the idea is to pinpoint and understand the things that trigger your anger, once you are more aware of what they are, you can take steps to avoid falling prey to them.

Suppose if you aren’t sure from where your anger is coming from trying to remind yourself to take a moment the next time you feel angry. So just try to avoid that kind of situation that will be helpful.

4:- Express your dissatisfaction

To release anger Express your Dissatifaction

Angry outbursts won’t do you any favors, so what you can do is that share your feelings with the one who understands you better . You can get some kind of suggestion from your best friends or from your family members like what you can do for that particular situations.

5:- Carefully move your body

Carefully move your body

Sometimes, sitting in the same position for the long-time makes you’re more anxious or on edge. Moving your body according to yoga or exercise can release tension in your muscles. Whenever you feel like in a stressful situation you just get up and start doing some of the physical activity, go out for the long walks and explore more nature that will definitely bring peace in your mind.

These are the 5 ways how to release anger. For more blogs check our website Buddy

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