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All of us yearn an active and healthy lifestyle without any health troubles. And the key ingredient to such a great lifestyle is a routine exercise and good nutrition. Good nutrition is a vital factor in leading a healthy lifestyle, however, when it comes to health, it becomes difficult to find time to take care of our health or worry about our nutrition. In an ever-busy lifestyle, it gets tricky and most of us don’t even realize that we also need to pay heed to our lifestyle patterns and eating habits, till we encounter ourselves confined in a lifestyle-related disease  

To consciously embark upon a healthy lifestyle, a better understanding of a healthy diet is required and this is where a good nutrition consultation and diet consultation comes to the rescue. It is a unique service offered for clients to avail the service from any location right from the comfort of their home.  And, this article is just about to unveil the benefits of online dietician consultancy services and one of the best healthy buddies that can keep you effortlessly fit.

Why the Need for a Diet & Nutrition Consultation?

Online diet consultation is no different from normal diet consultation. The plethora of online diet advice and information that is readily available is generalised and every individual has different nutrition demands and needs a special diet designed for the same. E.g – an athlete engages in a lot of physical activity hence diet preference should be different from a normal person.

A healthy diet plan also differs from body to body and is also depended upon other elements like your gender, your environment and your age, body weight and hence it is recommended to seek a dietician’s help to get a chalked out healthy diet plan.

Getting an online dietician consultation is the choicest way to raise the quality of life and overall health & well-being. Switching to online nutrition consultation can get you the following benefits:

  • Excellent physical and mental well being
  • A high-spirited and upliftingly good mood
  • Reduced symptoms of illness and laziness
  • Elevated mobility
  • A more positive outlook towards life and health

Buddy – Get Fit Right From Your Home with your diet buddy

Buddy is one of the most recommended online consultation services that offer you with best nutritional and counselling from the experts for improved health and all from the convenience of your home. You can choose from over 20+ certified, trained and expert consultants and have live chat with them and based on your consultation, you will be recommended different plans and programs that suit your health and requirements.

How does it work?

  • Install the mobile app from Android play-store and iOS store.
  • Choose the dietician you want to consult with
  • Login via phone number and register
  • Start consultation at a reasonable price.

Features it offers:

  • Book your appointments
  • Consult & chat with an expert online 24×7
  • Seek advice in just 60 seconds
  • Buy affordable plans
  • Maintain digital records
  • Read free & regular follow-ups
  • 100% safe and secure

Key Benefits of Buddy

  1. Conveniently Designed: 

Buddy is a personalized consultancy service. It provides online consultation with the top dietician in India to assist you to accomplish your health goals as they are customized as per your body type and daily routine.

  1. Variety of Features Offered:

The health management system offered by Buddy comes with a diversity of features designed specifically for you and has a daily/weekly/monthly goal. You can also interact with the dietician in a personal chat room.

  1. Always available:

Buddy offers consultation services round the clock, through a phone call or chat. You can choose from over 20 expert consultants and talk to any of them according to your requirements and convenience, at any given time of the day or night.

  1. Multiple Services Offered:

Buddy is India’s fastest growing online consultation platform that helps you instantly connect with astrologer, doctor or lawyer as well apart from dieticians. It is a one-stop consultancy service. You can get the best services through their conversational platform according to your need from our experts.

Final Words

Finding the best and the right specialists for you & your loved ones are now just a click away with Buddy, the app that aims to help you in your journey towards good health and well-being and providing your other consultancy services from the experts by simply downloading the app. This app is designed for those who are unable to take our time from their busy lifestyle. Buddy is your true pal that saves you all the hassles of waiting in queues and rushing for appointments and avail benefits online. 

Get Buddy today.

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